Outside of My Comfort Zone

O.K., I said I was going to blog Monday, Wednesday and Fridays instead of the post-a-day-thing. Yes, today is Thursday. I am making choices here and it isn’t like a lot of people read this, although I do appreciated the few who do.

I am “middle-aged” and I’m learning new things, fortunately by choice. It means I get disoriented, confused and frustrated. Everything new I want is outside of my comfort zone right now–and I’m going for it. I can explain it for myself but don’t have the energy to write about the details here here.

Some people my age have to be forced by necessity to make changes out of the status quo box. I have always been restless at some point–I am not a descendant of immigrants to plant myself somewhere safe and stay there forever.

My mind has been stretched beyond the habit of posting here everyday. I like reading a few of the blogs here—some regularly and then checking out some new freshly pressed ones. So, I am not going anywhere but it may be awhile before I have something report-worthy.