Seventy Degrees

A touch of spring fever today and I’ll be rambling here.

There was paperwork that needed to be done earlier and I opened my window in the living room because I had to stay in. There are no screens, which never, ever would have worked back in the Midwest. When I first moved here I marveled at the lack of flying insects. One day it came up in conversation that yeah, they ultra-spray the entire downtown area. Not good, but I won’t move because of it. The window is only open about three inches but my concern is that a bird will get in here.

When I got the work done I went out for a walk and in order to have more of a purpose I went to the grocery store. If it seems like my life revolves around food, well it kinda does. I haven’t eaten ice cream for a long time so I got a new Ben & Jerry’s flavor called Late Night Snack. I will write about how I liked it when I try it.

The online gaming I do–FooPets–yes, adults like it too–has made a lot of more changes and the members are freaking out in the forums. Admittedly the company doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing and it is chaotic and annoying. But when you read the posts about how distraught the members are and then realize what all is going on in the world, it’s kind of bizarre. I guess people need their outlets and everyone is at different stages of growth.

Another thing that has got my attention is the Bob Parsons drama. I like to read books about the changes in business, customer service, the economy and entrepreneurial stuff. I don’t blog about it because I have nothing to add and I don’t really do anything with it now. Of the books that talk about domain names, many mention GoDaddy. I don’t see the ads on t.v. but have looked at the video blogs by Bob Parsons, which actually make sense although the style is quite different.

Anyway, Mr. Parsons seems to have had quite a life and has just made a PR error. I’m not judging him at all here, my point is how things can change suddenly. It seems he used to be in the military. There are companies who take people on big game hunts and this had to do with Zimbabwe and a “problem elephant” that had been trampling the crops of a starving village–people who get little protein. Whatever the justification or not, Bob shot the elephant and posted a video blog of it. It also shows the natives slaughtering it to a soundtrack of heavy metal music. Wow. People are name-calling and also going to the trouble of moving their web-hosting and other accounts. This isn’t going away.

I guess my point with this is that it’s important to be aware and make conscious decisions. We all need to be paying attention to upgrading our perceptions and to give thought to what we’re demonstrating in the world.

Neural Pathway Disorientation

This has been on my mind a lot lately and I may have blogged about it already. Chances are I wouldn’t be able to know by looking at post titles or tags because I do those haphazardly.

Middle-aged adults who study new things have my respect because it’s more challenging than when younger. I’m speaking for myself here. I am changing things and learning and it leaves me disoriented sometimes. It’s as though things are being rearranged at a cellular level.

I’ve moved a lot in my life, from different apartments and different states. After moving to a new area, there is an adjustment period when the old routines are no longer and there’s an awkwardness and uncertainty until things begin flowing again. That’s what’s happening as I make deep level alterations to the habitual thought patterns and attitudes from the past.

Coming to terms with becoming healthier but not going back to ten or twenty years ago and with losses but also creating a new life is weird. It’s difficult for me to find words to describe interior things. What the heck was I thinking when I decided to post every day this year?

So sometimes it might seem like I’m writing…umm….the sky is blue. I liked my lunch. But there is a lot of interior drama going on some days, believe me.

Qwest Communications

It’s spring break here and it isn’t spring fever kind of weather yet but it works for me. I ran errands today and got back just in time before it rained.

I was very alert and relatively pain-free and was productive, taking advantage of it by getting a lot done in less time than it would usually take.

I believe that what we focus on in life is what we get more of. I cultivate patience and tolerance and gratitude in myself. I don’t recall every getting into a rant here in my blog but if I did it would be about my umm…..communications service. Internet, phone and billing from the communications company in the title of this post.

There are some reasons why I am not going to be switching companies for a little while longer. They seriously fail.

And that’s all I’m going to say.


After laying low for a few days, I went out for a food run this afternoon. The city seemed deserted. It looks like spring to me now because the forsythia bushes are blooming and the sidewalks are marked up for construction, with a few fenced off and being worked on already.

I’ve been watching Who Do You Think You Are on Hulu, all six episodes from this season so far. The first thing that surprised me is that I’ve never been interested in any of the celebrities featured. After watching for awhile, I begin to care. I guess unless someone is really awful, people are easier to care about once you get to know them a little better.

The second thing I’m aware of is how touched and heartfelt the celebrities appear when they consider the hardships of their ancestors. Some of the ancestors were not sterling characters. So far, the one’s I’ve seen are all in the eastern U.S. except for Kim Cattrall, who went to England.

Habit of Weekly Planning

In my previous life, my schedule was mostly dictated by the needs of other people and the necessary maintenance and putting out the fires of my daily existence.

Then after my personal apocalypse, life was dictated by what was physically and mentally possible in the moment and what was called for to keep body and soul together. As I began stretching into a new life, it was disappointing when I temporarily was unable to keep up the new pace. I understood about work expanding to the time available to complete it. It became increasingly important to tune into the nuances of not pushing myself and burning out but also to not slack-off more than was necessary. It developed new qualities in me that I wasn’t taught and I’m all for every silver lining I can get.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been doing something new–writing plans in my fancy day-planner for the week. I review the past week and give myself credit and validation for my accomplishments–important and easily overlooked when they aren’t much in comparison to my past self and to other people.

Then I note what is necessary to get done the following week. Then it’s the few things that by doing them would make me feel accomplished, competent and engaged in my life. There are other tiers listed that are flexible as to which day they get done in the possibility that I’ll have gains in energy, motivation and alertness. These gains can’t be counted on but they do happen more often and I like to be prepared.

So goes the rhythm of my life. I’m being responsible, grounded, authentic, appreciative and awake–all great qualities to have developed and also hard won.

There are many other folks in the world with similar paths to mine, something that might be forgotten when we’re being presented by clown-like, freakish personalities by the media on a daily basis.


There are so many things to pay attention to in this life that I don’t really think about my bones often. There’s a tendency to consider them as a petrified substance. They are actually minerals in a collagen matrix. The minerals give bones density and rigidity. When there aren’t enough minerals in the diet, the body will use heavy metals. This makes the toxic metals very challenging to remove from the body.

The collagen gives the bones flexibility. There are new things being discovered about the body all the time. There is also a lot of disagreement about facts and opinions regarding this. Who to believe? Some of the information contradicts what we were told a few years or decades ago.

The suggestion has often been to take calcium, either in supplement form or making sure there’s a lot in the diet. Calcium supplements can clog arteries, contribute to kidney stones and other health issues.

Vitamin D from sunshine and vitamin K from leafy greens and making sure there are enough minerals in our diets are what’s really needed to help build strong bones. Weight bearing exercises are important also.

In a few minutes it’s Earth Hour here. Not only will I have the lights off but I’m shutting down the electronics too.


The three basil seedlings are still alive. They don’t get enough sun and are spindly so I keep turning them. I plucked a leaf off one that seemed to be weighing it down. I ate the leaf and didn’t get much of a taste.

I’ve watched episodes three and four of Edwardian Farm. (It’s awkward the way I watch them on YouTube.) Alex has learned to repair and make hedgerows. The tool he used was shown being forged. Ruth cleaned and disinfected the privy for use. The walls inside were painted with something white which helped disinfect as well as make it easier to see in the dark. Two floppy-eared sows were brought to put in the pig sty next to the privy to assist in composting. They were painted with a waxy substance to protect their skin. Rooting around, they seemed happy and oblivious to whatever was going on outside of what was in front of their noses.

Peter began a trout hatchery. About 1500 eggs were harvested from one trout and she was released back into the stream. It seemed quite a laborious project, making pitch to coat the wooden hatchery and cutting down trees and sawing the lumber for it.

A tractor was borrowed to plow the field. It is the oldest working tractor in the world. Only 500 were made because they were extremely expensive.

Ruth also prepared toilet paper out of newspaper. She has a surprise secret project going–picking sloe from the hedgerow, mixing it with sugar and gin and at Christmas will have sloe gin to share. That was unusual because temperance was being pushed during the time period.

And if you’re still reading this far–on a personal note, I had a consultation with an expert today who recognized that I’m doing very well with the hand I’ve been dealt. I know this to be true and also that it isn’t apparent to the world. I was told that I’m the “gutsiest person” she’s ever met. True. I know it down to my toes.


Lately I’ve been more organized, getting little details done and getting rid of some clutter. I’ve been sneaky about it so as not to alarm the part of me that gets nervous about big projects.

There were more errands to run today and I did indoor things while rain was pouring down. Then the sun came out, there was no wind and the air was fresh. Several times I ran into someone I hadn’t seen over the winter and we had a little catching-up chat. It was pleasant to have life in order enough that there was time to comfortably do that and to be able to stand in the sun and not brace myself against the weather.

When I got home I had the rare feeling of everything being caught up. It isn’t, of course. There’s always something to do. It was like a huge, relaxing, deep breath and it felt like there was plenty of space.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at it again and I’ll look forward to having a spacious afternoon happen this naturally soon.

Peregrine Falcon Cam

The falcons with their distinctive sound have been active in my area lately. The webcam watching them went up yesterday and I like to check it out several times a day.

For the last nine years they’ve been nesting on a tenth story ledge that mimics the cliffs they use in the wild. Last year all four chicks survived which isn’t always what happens in the heart of downtown. Learning to fly is a challenge as there are buildings and electrical wires to crash into. While the young birds are learning to hunt, the rest of the bird population, whose songs I so enjoy now, get wiped out in the area around me.

It’s rewarding to have a bit of the wild in this area and these odd-looking birds have a lot of fans around here. The sound for the webcam will be up soon (a lot of sirens will be heard) and it requires a plug-in easily downloaded. I’ll remind you all of it when the first egg is laid.


It was a really good day to run errands here. Most of the snow that was in the foothills has melted by this evening.

I’m still adjusting to a better sleep schedule. Instead of looking at flickering electronics until late at night, I’ve been going to bed earlier and keeping the room as dark as possible, including taking out the LED clock.
As a result, I’ve been waking and getting up at about 5:30 a.m. although I’ve not been sleeping well at all.

This morning I did housework, laundry and paperwork. It was weird to be so productive. Several times this afternoon and evening I tried to post but the WordPress servers were down and I wondered if it would be the end of my daily posting streak.

My account is free and the WordPress folks are mostly volunteers, I believe. They do a great job and I appreciate being able to blog here.

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