I didn’t think of an appropriate title. Well.

I like shopping online. I used to be into buying local but I’m not working or getting disability and most of the local shops are more expensive and they act like they don’t appreciate my business.

I also pay some bills by phone and have some automatic payments taken from my checking account. But I simply don’t want to do online banking. I am not confident that I’ll be well enough to quickly deal with computer problems or internet access problems if they should arise again. My bank keeps pushing it. Like if I said no the last eight weeks, maybe this week I changed my mind. Now it’s that very bank that said my e-mail address is part of that large group that’s been compromised because someone hacked into that marketing firm in Texas, I think it is.

AARP spends a lot on paper and postage to mail me an opportunity to get life insurance about twice a month. Getting off these lists is very difficult–just asking doesn’t seem to do it and then I get tired. It makes me feel like what I want doesn’t matter and I’m not being listened to. It’s like being bothered by gnats sometime.

I have several e-mail accounts and now the spam folders are being filled up by notices from “Fed-Ex” and sometimes “UPS” notifications. Uh-huh.

That’s just the internet. In real life, my personal filters get a work-out tuning out all the nonsense and focusing in on what I value. As an introvert, it’s no wonder I need a lot of solitude just to breathe and hear myself think.