Silly Humans

One of the random pieces of information I recall from the internet is about vacuuming. Most people, when they encounter a piece of something too large for their vacuum to suck up, bend over and pick it up, examine it and throw it back on the floor where it continues to elude the vacuum suction.

Something kind of like that has been going on with me. I have two computers. Somewhere I have my password to this blog written down. My password is saved on both computers and awhile back I wanted to be here at WordPress on the computer I hadn’t been using as much. My password was requested for some reason and not remembering it, I reset it. I didn’t write it down.

So when I came to this site on the other computer, the saved password on it was no longer accurate. I reset it again. I have reset it more than twice–I’m not going to tell how many times. I am somewhat aware of what I’m doing and that the fix would be simple but I’ve yet to do the reasonable thing.

Whatever month or year you happen to be reading this…….pause for a moment and think of a similar thing you’re doing in your life and please write it in the comment section.


Every day I choose between different activities and lately the computer hasn’t been attractive to me. There’s been more time spent outdoors and other days I want to sleep for an hour here or there during the day. There’s been engaging projects that I haven’t wanted to walk away from and I’ve noticed a feeling of distraction and annoyance when I log on and check things online.

This year so far has been about creating a new life for myself after my health challenges and other losses during the past several years. Often a journey like that has unexpected unfolding and it’s tempting to look the other way–to pretend certain awareness isn’t really important.

In this situation, it is the strong realization that while my current city has served me well for the last five years, considering the events and challenges, it is not where I want to spend the rest of my life. I admit that to myself with dismay and relief and I’ll just live with it a little while until its time to take the next step, whatever that may be.