Multi-tasking–not my best way to do things but I’m doing it today.

The peregrine falcons have two eggs now. The mother doesn’t sit on the eggs all the time yet and there may be one or two more in the next few days.

My spindly little basil plants are still doing O.K. When I clip a few leaves so they won’t topple over, I put them on top of the individual gluten-free pizzas I bake. It’s cool.

I haven’t finished watching the Edwardian Farm videos and am still wanting to get back to them.

And the ice cream I mentioned a few days ago—I tried the Late Night Snack flavor and the Red Velvet Cake flavor, (which I really liked), and now I won’t eat ice cream for a long time again because I don’t really do dairy. When I do, I usually go for chocolate.

So it’s the weekend and I’m working harder than I did this week because I want to use the energy when I have it.