A Change In Plans

Yesterday, the folks in my building got notice that an alarm company would be testing out smoke detectors today. They’d be entering our apartments and sounding the alarms which is highly irritating, although it’s important that it be done.

My hip joints felt sore and inflamed and I was in a morose mood when I got up and didn’t feel like going out. The noise was so disruptive that I broke my no restaurant resolution because I didn’t want to go very far. The poor canine residents were in front of the building tied up and didn’t look happy.

I drank three cups of coffee and had a huge waffle with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. I put hot syrup on it too. This is way different than what I’ve been eating.

Then I decided to go get some groceries. It’s difficult for me to just walk around without a mission. I learned something surprising about myself. A block and a half away, I saw a moving van and some folks moving out of a second floor apartment via the fire escape. Someone threw a red and blue print blanket down but from far away it looked like an American flag. I was immediately shocked and horrified. I know I THINK that would be wrong, but I was surprised at how painful it was. Walking home that way, I was again surprised to smell funny smokes. Right there in the open.

My dentist appointment was Wednesday and when I got home, there was a message that there was an opportunity to go this afternoon. The alarms were still going off. So I took it and it was all fine. They always take my blood pressure and when I was having really stressful times several years ago, it was very high. Every time since, it has gotten a little lower and today was the lowest yet.

Now the anxiety I’ve been feeling the last few days has dissipated. Oh, and there is obnoxious construction going on near here. I felt like checking into a hotel for a few days but not with the dentist/taxes thing–intending to be financially wise. The relief I’m feeling now is good enough.