Looking Forward To

Very recently I learned of three films in the works with my favorite actor and a book by one of my favorite authors. I like what I like.
This is what I’m writing about today because my brain isn’t working. Every morning I write morning pages and this morning I repeatedly wrote the opposite of what I meant. My nervous system is fried right now. Don’t worry at all–this has been going on for years before I began writing this little blog and I’ve done all the inner work and know about attitude and whatever.
This blog isn’t meant to be mainly about my health issues and other quite significant challenges. I’ve looked around a bit and there are blogs like that available here and quite frankly, while I’m a very compassionate person I can’t stand to read them.
I’m mentioning this because I am using my super powers to do what I can and if it doesn’t seem at all what you care for, kindly move on. This blog is meant to be part of my solution.
Here, I’ll put it in a handy literary quote: “And to deal plainly, I fear I am not in my perfect mind.”–William Shakespeare.
The actor is Richard Armitage. I’m not much of a celebrity watcher, but I really, really like him. I think maybe I’ll write about him from time to time.
On July 22 of this year, Captain America: The First Avenger opens. This is the kind of film I would never, ever watch if Richard Armitage were not in it. He plays a bad guy–Heinz Kruger. Other actors in the film that I’ve heard of are Samuel L. Jackson, Hugo Weaving and Tommy Lee Jones.
The other two films are The Hobbit Parts one and two. Richard plays the dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield, which is a bit perplexing to me because he is quite tall. The films will be released in December 2012 and December 2013 respectively. Which is quite awhile to wait.
Another film I’ve been anticipating is Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp playing the role of Barnabas Collins. I fear I may not like it, but must see it. I’m a fan of the 1960’s gothic soap, Dark Shadows and own the entire series on DVD. Yes, I’m aware of all the criticisms about many aspects of the show. I enjoy it anyway and am smiling right now.
The book I’m looking forward to is The Dark Inquiry by Deanna Raybourn and is available June 21. It’s her fourth in the Lady Julia Grey series. Victorian England again. Not only do I enjoy the books, I like reading her blog. She’s delightful.
Creating things is not a stroll in the park. I appreciate the folks who make my life more enjoyable and uplifted by their creations, be it art, books, films or music.