Fashion Trends I Like

Now this is a subject I rarely speak up about. I’ve developed my own fashion sense over the years, know what I like and what works for me and dress to please myself. I do notice fashion though. There are two trends that (according to the internet) are coming up for 2012 and I welcome them.

One is the color of the year for 2012. Every year Pantone chooses a color and it really does affect clothing, decor, nail polish and other stuff that consumers buy. It really is a big deal in the industry. The color chosen is Tangerine Mango. It is a delicious shade of, well….tangerine mango. This is a color I wouldn’t wear unless it was shaded with gray but I do have similar colored objects in my home and love to look at them.

The second trend is a move to flatter shoes for women. Equestrian boots and kind of biker boot looks. The high heeled shoe thing is ridiculous and dangerous. And no, it isn’t sour grapes because I am physically not able to wear them.

I sometimes watch television on hulu and see the shows where the female detectives, spies and the like run down alleys after people and climb down river banks to look at dead bodies….in heels. Those shows will look weird and clunky in re-runs I think and I welcome the end of the high-heeled run, if this report is true.


Junk Food

I don’t eat junk food and haven’t been able to for quite awhile. I’m on a very restricted diet and feel horror at what other people eat.

There’s someone I care about who’s mentally ill. His diet is awful and I believe it’s killing him, but he’s an adult and I ought to respect his right to make choices. He has a fair amount of money and could probably get whatever he wants but he has such a need control his environment that he lives quite frugally. As in unplugging his refrigerator to keep his electric bill down and opening a can of peas and eating it cold right out of the can.

It’s good to feel that people care during the holidays and I very much like for him to get presents in the mail. But he doesn’t like things people give him. My budget is such that I really don’t want to do without things I need in order to give him things he doesn’t want. But he does like crappy food. The healthy snacks I’ve attempted to interest him in didn’t go over well. So, today I decided to finally give him what he truly seems to enjoy, junk food. So he can get a package in the mail. It isn’t like I’m giving him illegal drugs or something but I didn’t get to this place easily.

There are two places I shop for my groceries. At the local co-op where I get my organic stuff and at an employee owned store where I get what I can because the prices are more reasonable. I picked out the usual amount of items, what I could carry and was surprised that it cost more than twice what the healthier food at the employee owned store usually does. And it’s about the same amount as an equal bag full at the co-op where the price of organic meat and veggies seem quite high.

The stuff isn’t boxed up yet and I’m looking at it across the room and am not at all tempted to eat any of it. In the grand big picture, this is probably not a big deal at all. Maybe it’s nit-picky and obsessive for me to have to over-think this so. But now, at the end of this day, this is what I most remember.

Post-Thanksgiving Weekend

The little indulgences I’ve had with my diet lately hasn’t seemed to be too harmful At least I don’t have weird cravings like I do with the aftermath of eating restaurant food.

My little burst of consumerism has run its course. One of the items I got (finally) is an e-book reader. My place is overflowing with books and I’d like to use it to read books from the library. Without the strain of staring at my computer screen more than I already do. What made this a bargain is that I wasn’t in that spaced-out, glazed-eyes mode that used to generally allow a salesperson to easily get a lot of add-ons in my cart by checkout time. Extended warranties, a cool looking cover, a charger when I won’t use this for travelling and can charge it through a USB cable through my computer. Nope, didn’t get them.

Most of the shopping energy I have these days goes into grocery buying–an area in which I must be careful for health reasons. These companies that began with organic ingredients and quietly down-graded into using genetically modified foods laced with toxic pesticides while charging the same–they can just go down too along with all the other groups lacking in integrity. Greedy and self-serving.

During financial times like we’re living in, marketers can play on our insecurity and manipulate our inner hoarder into buying what we don’t need and more of it. Stuff does not equate with love. Consumerism isn’t fun and being a consumer is not my identity.

I resent being cheated. Well, I won’t look back but I can certainly make different choices now.

Some Feeling About OWS and Black Friday

With so many opinions being blasted around out there, I usually quit speaking mine. They are subject to change often and I don’t really care about changing what anyone else thinks. If they’re expressed with clarity, I can often understand where someone’s coming from. Whether I agree with them or not.

I find the Occupy Wall Street movement a very positive thing. Yes, there are people involved who are not quite coherent blah blah blah. The average worker in a corporation or a bank–they are not evil. Hard work is good. So is taking responsibility. Integrity and all that stuff. Things need to change and it will take awhile and a lot of us to bring that about. It isn’t the role of everyone to camp out like that and it certainly isn’t my role. But I admire them and those who are attempting to bring about change all over the world.

After centuries of those in high power basically saying f— you to all the rest of us citizens of planet earth, many of us are saying enough! Now f— you.

Having worked in retail, which really, really sucked in ways I won’t go into, I am very grateful to stay home on Black Friday. I’ve seen horrible things. Our consumer society, the way we’re made to feel that we are nothing and having stuff is important—yeah, I have opinions on all that.

But I’ve been on a tight budget and I got a cash gift. There are things I’ve been wanting for quite awhile, so yeah, I went out and shopped this afternoon. For the first Black Friday in years.

It must be that I’m getting older or something because I used to care more about what other people might think about my choices. Now I just go ahead and do what makes sense more often, even if it’s inconsistent or unexplainable. So, I surprised myself today and kind of wondered why I make little rules for myself when I loathe others making them for me.

Caused By The Full Moon?

This year I have stricter budget guidelines and I’ve been doing remarkably well avoiding impulse shopping.

I wanted to cut way down on restaurant eating. Even with loads of money, it wouldn’t be good for me to dine out what with the gluten/dairy/nightshade, etc. thing. Not once have I gone to a restaurant and I’ve stayed really close to my grocery plan.

Books? I have plenty of unread books in stacks but I did buy three more from Amazon this week. Not impulsively–I thought about it and I really, really wanted them.

The area where I got a little out-of-control and had a great time was in the local office supply store, believe it or not. I ran out of printer paper and wandered around the big store looking at all the cool things I didn’t know they had. It felt like the first day of school was just around the corner, in a good way.

The spiral-top, yellow legal notebooks I like to write morning pages in were on sale. My most exciting find was canvas that photos or artwork can be printed on. I love playing with stuff like that. Now I have weird little craft projects in mind and I’m so happy.