Revisiting A Dream World

Mid-morning on a Saturday and I was puttering along in my apartment when I became very sleepy. I also had a slight dull headache and was kind of clumsy and ended up crashing on the bed.

I didn’t sleep more than an hour or so but I had very vivid dreams. I won’t even attempt to figure out what they mean here. I’m such a light sleeper anymore that I haven’t been dreaming much lately–nothing worth remembering.

These dreams were like a movie and it was a world I’ve been to before. I was revisiting it and was making different decisions and having different perceptions than I did last time I visited the surreal places.

Visiting some formal gardens, I could see that some of the flower beds were being worked on. I sat in a familiar chair and was greeted by an old acquaintance–no one I know in real life–who gave me a hug. He had a new dog who was shy of me and somehow I knew he’d had an older dog that liked me and was now gone.

There was an historic mansion in museum-like condition I revisited. The word “federalist” was mentioned. New wall paper was being put up–a quaint design in rust colors to replace the previous goldenrod colored background with sage vines. I didn’t like the quilts that were on the beds. Everything was immaculate and orderly.

I got a day-pack for hiking in the beautiful, magical, mountain foothills nearby. This place is very familiar although I’ve only dreamed about it four or five times that I recall. I’m way more physically fit and energetic than I am in real life. There were other people milling about and it isn’t a repetitive dream at all. I could choose which route to take on the way to my favorite outdoor places in that world and knew which area I wanted to go to.

There was a huge old kitchen that looked like a movie set and I was chopping vegetables at a work table. Again familiar, as were the other people there who welcomed me back.

The new part to the dream was an outdoor area where there were llamas and also camels wandering around. At first I was very uncomfortable but people were riding some of them and the animals seemed very friendly.

It was all more vivid than the rest of my waking day which has seemed somewhat dreary. That has to do with the cloudy, rainy weather and the mundane things I’m doing, maybe. It seems like shades of gray compared to the vivid colors and details of the dream world.