Recently I mentioned the anger and disapproval directed at Bob Parsons for shooting an elephant. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert has also had his troubles for a remark he made recently.

Last week I read “Enchantment”, the recently published book by Guy Kawasaki. It’s fascinating to me and I did really well on the quiz at the back of the book. The story of the cover was cool too.

Anyway, he states that “nobodies are the new somebody” when it comes to enchanting customers. Now we have the example of Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, who twice blew off the request of a young boy who wanted to meet her through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. When she finally changed her mind, it seemed to be more about PR but the damage was done and her many of her fans are criticizing her. The family of the boy has lost interest and moved on.

Strengthening My Backbone

The Windows Live Writer 2011 that  I mentioned yesterday is for word processing and the drafts can be posted directly to my blog. I like it. I also like using  software that came with my computer—most of it I never even look at.

Now on the third day of this new endeavor, I wasn’t expecting to be writing about troubles so soon. I won’t be going into details. They don’t matter and could be exchanged for other details a week, month or year from now.

These days peoples circumstances can change very quickly, everyone is being challenged unbelievably and perfect storms happen frequently. If people are going to be designated as winners or losers, it’s more accurate if instead of evaluating their current situations, what’s  looked at is whether they complain, whine or blame or whether they take responsibility and address the situation as best they can.

These days I try to avoid doing business as much as possible, wanting to stay out of the fray. Lately I’ve had a streak of poor customer service and businesses and companies dropping the ball, cutting corners and screwing up.

I’m usually an understanding, patient person–which doesn’t always serve me well in the moment.  In the past I’ve subscribed to the new age rule that I create my own reality and that what I focus my attention on grows. That’s still believable most of the time. I certainly don’t want to scan for problems and reasons to take offence.

There comes a point where the expense,  hassle and indifference of doing business with someone is simply not worth it. It doesn’t always mean that I attracted the experience, that I deserve it and that it’s up to me to resolve it on my own by thinking happy thoughts.

Like those old “kick me” signs, I really don’t want to go around with a sign that says “I’m so nice that I’ll tolerate almost anything and won’t stand up for myself.”

So today I sighed and made the phone calls, wrote the emails and let the businesses know that it’s not O.K. with me the  way they are conducting our recent transactions.

Being a thoughtful and considerate person, I’m again reminded that not everyone else is.  I’m not willing to treat the world way better than it treats me.  So without whining, complaining to parties not involved or blaming, I’ve hopefully got these problems taken care of.  In hindsight, the transactions really weren’t worth it. That’s something I’ll take into consideration in the future.

Peace, love and light is great but businesses need to be accountable.