I’ve been avoiding being online partly because the weather has been so lovely for this time of year and partly because the headlines are getting to be too much again. In addition to ongoing unrest in the world, the information about all the changes in technology makes it seem as though the world is spinning out of control again.

Anyone reading my posts might wonder if I ever think about anyone else. The answer to that is yes and actually for many years I thought of everyone else before I did myself. I’m actually a great listener and rather perceptive and attentive and repeatedly am made aware that I really experience the world way differently than everyone I know. Also that I don’t have the energy to have arguments and discussions about the differences.

This morning I woke up really early and feeling out of sorts while it was still dark, I logged on and read some of Christine Kane’s old blog posts from 2006, which I find inspiring and very helpful. Christine is a singer/songwriter who has overcome a major personal struggle and now does mentoring/life coaching and conducts retreats.

She has become too big of a super-powered superstar for me to learn much from lately. And that’s great for her and the people she’s mentoring. It’s her earlier accounts of what she’s learned that are more meaningful to me because it’s a little closer to my level and I can relate to many of her humorous stories and insights. Often when there’s someone I consider a teacher for me, their rate of growth is a lot faster than mine and I notice the time when they take off. It’s like they morph into a whole new person and become unrecognizable. That’s why I had quit subscribing to her blog because I’m just poking along as fast as I’m able and willing. But the 2006 posts were very inspiring on a day when I’m feeling really out of it as far as the world is concerned.