I’m learning something new by beginning a blog.

Enough people have looked at this page to compel me to write a bit here even though words cannot convey who I am.

I’m a youthful, female baby-boomer living in the northwest United States. I like to write. I’ve had way more than my share of troubles and from that, I’ve gained a lot of wisdom and growth. I like to believe I’ve kept my sense of humor.

Being eccentric and rather isolated much of my life, I’ve found my way, generally outside of the mainstream systems. Believing that there are no formulas or one-size-fits-all-answers, I’m optimistic about the availability of solutions and unique ways for every sincere person to have a better life.

Having environmental poisoning with resulting fatigue, mobility and cognitive issues has impacted my social life, finances and feeling of welcome and belonging in the world. I’ve taken on quite a bit of responsibility for regaining my health and have experience in researching and experimenting with the different facets of that.

I’ve also experienced an unusual number of setbacks, obstacles and tragedies right from the beginning, which aren’t the focus of this blog but might put some things into context. It does make me different. I don’t consider those experiences to be my identity and bristle at condescension, smugness, blame or pity from others. When it makes people uncomfortable, I want them to go away and leave me alone so I can take care of myself.

I’ve paid my dues in life. I am self-teaching writing and art at this time and am a beginner at that. Another new thing is being more organized and goal-oriented (as an experiment this year) to see if it works for me. Blind-sided, having the rug pulled out, controlled, bullied, lousy role models–sometimes it’s like reinventing the wheel.

Unable to predict the long-term degree of improving my physical and mental performance, I tend to be an in-the-moment kind of person, working with whatever is available at the time.

Another area of interest (necessarily) is learning skills to transform my empathy from a curse to a blessing. There is much misinformation about empathy on the internet and I will leave the education about that to the pioneers.

Entertainment, food, books and the outdoors are other areas of interest. I own a small farm but am not involved in the day-to-day operation of it.

Decades of my life were spent making everyone else more important than me and I’m making a conscious, deliberate effort to be more selfish and this blog may reflect that often.

My journey has compelled me to do a lot of problem-solving and research and there are things available that are way more effective and that resonate better with me than others and I like to share them sometimes. I have almost no interest in arguing or changing anyone else and low tolerance for bullshit. I am painfully aware of many of my own faults.

In my younger years I contributed a lot through action, support, listening, time, care-taking and material things. Now, perhaps some of my words will help. If not, that is O.K. The blog can be a place for me to focus, come to terms with things and think out loud on my feet. My consciousness and wisdom will be out there in the ethers along with everyone else’s for people who need it to tap into. Even though they might never read this blog or meet me.

In the ongoing process of transforming, I like to think I can be a role model for others. I don’t have “official” credentials and

I’m as valuable as anyone else on this planet.



  1. timkeen40 said,

    January 1, 2011 at 11:22 am

    Credentials are something you gain over a life time, not something some “official” place gives you. You show me someone who has been live for three decades and I will show someone with three decades of credentials. Eighty years of life sums up to eighty years of credentials.

    Nice to meet you and I would love to visit the Northwest.


    I will be following your post.


    • silvercannon said,

      January 1, 2011 at 6:18 pm

      I totally agree with you about the credentials.
      I felt compelled to avoid presenting myself as an expert on what other people should do. Much of what has been valuable and helpful to me has not been what has been put forth by experts. Trial-and-error, risk-taking, questioning and independent thinking have brought me different conclusions about what’s real and valuable than what seems to be accepted in society and the media. Just another eccentric nonconformist.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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