Engaging in Life

Have you ever been criticized for being an observer of life more so than a participant? That could be someone’s perception, someone who isn’t in your shoes and doesn’t understand how you got where you are and what’s going on behind the scenes.

Aren’t results better when we stop comparing where we are with where someone else is? When we look at what’s on our plate instead of taking envious glances at what’s on the plate of another? 

Today I was able to go out into the sunshine and walk to get groceries. I stopped to give my opinion at an open house for a city project. It’s easier for me to write than to speak and I stumbled over words and rambled a little in getting to my point. But I showed up, shook someone’s hand, introduced myself and gave my opinion and suggestions. When the project is completed, I’ll have given my input as best I could and if the results cause me to roll my eyes or shake my head, at least I’ll know I participated. 

When I got to the remodeled and reorganized food co-op, I was pleased to see they carry bakers ammonia. I’ve been looking for it at two of the local stores and didn’t want to order such a small item online. It doesn’t have a long shelf life but cookie season is approaching.

I need to eat gluten-free foods. The bakers ammonia gives old-fashioned cookies the crunch on the outside and I want to make springerlies. My life is complex now and there isn’t much attention for my ancestral heritage but the anise-flavored springerlie cookies are something I feel I can reach for. I have one of the rolling pins used to press the design into cookie dough. I have several recipes and the most simple one will be the one I try first. 

I’ve used gluten-free cookie mixes but not made cookies from scratch with gluten-free flour yet so it will be an experiment and takes enough planning that it will be a somewhat significant project for me to include in my life. It will also be one of just a few things I’ll do for the holidays.

I intend to be successful at it and won’t be comparing myself to what others with more do and have or with what others with less do and have.

I’m participating in life whatever someone else’s perception is.     


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  1. a_spod said,

    October 29, 2012 at 6:00 am

    Conversation is a skill like any other. Having worked on my own for years, I really struggle in face-to-face situations. Part of my brain “stands outside myself”, watching me flounder, but the thoughts just don’t flow fast enough. Agh!

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