Fashion Trends I Like

Now this is a subject I rarely speak up about. I’ve developed my own fashion sense over the years, know what I like and what works for me and dress to please myself. I do notice fashion though. There are two trends that (according to the internet) are coming up for 2012 and I welcome them.

One is the color of the year for 2012. Every year Pantone chooses a color and it really does affect clothing, decor, nail polish and other stuff that consumers buy. It really is a big deal in the industry. The color chosen is Tangerine Mango. It is a delicious shade of, well….tangerine mango. This is a color I wouldn’t wear unless it was shaded with gray but I do have similar colored objects in my home and love to look at them.

The second trend is a move to flatter shoes for women. Equestrian boots and kind of biker boot looks. The high heeled shoe thing is ridiculous and dangerous. And no, it isn’t sour grapes because I am physically not able to wear them.

I sometimes watch television on hulu and see the shows where the female detectives, spies and the like run down alleys after people and climb down river banks to look at dead bodies….in heels. Those shows will look weird and clunky in re-runs I think and I welcome the end of the high-heeled run, if this report is true.