Late Sunday

I almost forgot about this blog today. It was beautiful spring weather and I’ll choose outdoors over indoors on the computer any day.

There were spring flowers in many places and the trees are blooming. And-knock-on-wood, I am not sneezing. It was very warm in my apartment but the fuzzy young birds are hanging out on my window sill and I don’t want to get a screen or have the birds in my apartment.

This morning I got paperwork done and honestly, my mind is very blank and relaxed. I have a private LiveJournal account where I write details so I can keep track of how much better I’m doing. Three years ago I was more dead than alive. It’s incremental improvements in my health and I’ve earned them. And I love it when I have no worries—like right now. Worry doesn’t help anything and I know just stopping is easier said than done.


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