April Fool

It’s sunny and expected to be near seventy degrees again today. Then the weather will turn rainy and cooler for the weekend. Not bad at all but it’s so easy to get spoiled and acclimate to great weather.

Last night I shut down a party in my building. I live in a cool, historical building that attracts artists, musicians and young folks who work in the downtown hospitality industry. There’s usually a fair amount of nighttime noise. This was a bunch of musicians three floors below me. They had friends they hadn’t seen for awhile over and were playing keyboards loudly and doing some kind of white guy rapping with the F word quite often used. After several hours and getting close to 3:00 a.m., I got up and went looking for them. The acoustics in the building make it difficult to locate where such noise is coming from. It actually sounded like it was coming from outside the building. But I found them–surprised it was below me.

The two guys who came to the door were apologetic and thanked me for not calling the police. One shook my hand. They did shut down the music although the loud voices continued for awhile longer. Next time I’ll know right where to find them–in the past I’ve given up after looking for them on the top three floors.

I look a lot meaner than I am in the wee hours of the morning. Chronic pain has given me a stern, rather hard-ass look I think. Once they began apologizing, I could feel myself shifting internally and there was quite a delayed outward response about it being O.K. now.

I feel a bit like I’ve used up my energy reserves for the day but I’m going for my second wind and intend to make the most of this lovely spring day.


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