Habit of Weekly Planning

In my previous life, my schedule was mostly dictated by the needs of other people and the necessary maintenance and putting out the fires of my daily existence.

Then after my personal apocalypse, life was dictated by what was physically and mentally possible in the moment and what was called for to keep body and soul together. As I began stretching into a new life, it was disappointing when I temporarily was unable to keep up the new pace. I understood about work expanding to the time available to complete it. It became increasingly important to tune into the nuances of not pushing myself and burning out but also to not slack-off more than was necessary. It developed new qualities in me that I wasn’t taught and I’m all for every silver lining I can get.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been doing something new–writing plans in my fancy day-planner for the week. I review the past week and give myself credit and validation for my accomplishments–important and easily overlooked when they aren’t much in comparison to my past self and to other people.

Then I note what is necessary to get done the following week. Then it’s the few things that by doing them would make me feel accomplished, competent and engaged in my life. There are other tiers listed that are flexible as to which day they get done in the possibility that I’ll have gains in energy, motivation and alertness. These gains can’t be counted on but they do happen more often and I like to be prepared.

So goes the rhythm of my life. I’m being responsible, grounded, authentic, appreciative and awake–all great qualities to have developed and also hard won.

There are many other folks in the world with similar paths to mine, something that might be forgotten when we’re being presented by clown-like, freakish personalities by the media on a daily basis.