There are so many things to pay attention to in this life that I don’t really think about my bones often. There’s a tendency to consider them as a petrified substance. They are actually minerals in a collagen matrix. The minerals give bones density and rigidity. When there aren’t enough minerals in the diet, the body will use heavy metals. This makes the toxic metals very challenging to remove from the body.

The collagen gives the bones flexibility. There are new things being discovered about the body all the time. There is also a lot of disagreement about facts and opinions regarding this. Who to believe? Some of the information contradicts what we were told a few years or decades ago.

The suggestion has often been to take calcium, either in supplement form or making sure there’s a lot in the diet. Calcium supplements can clog arteries, contribute to kidney stones and other health issues.

Vitamin D from sunshine and vitamin K from leafy greens and making sure there are enough minerals in our diets are what’s really needed to help build strong bones. Weight bearing exercises are important also.

In a few minutes it’s Earth Hour here. Not only will I have the lights off but I’m shutting down the electronics too.


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