Lately I’ve been more organized, getting little details done and getting rid of some clutter. I’ve been sneaky about it so as not to alarm the part of me that gets nervous about big projects.

There were more errands to run today and I did indoor things while rain was pouring down. Then the sun came out, there was no wind and the air was fresh. Several times I ran into someone I hadn’t seen over the winter and we had a little catching-up chat. It was pleasant to have life in order enough that there was time to comfortably do that and to be able to stand in the sun and not brace myself against the weather.

When I got home I had the rare feeling of everything being caught up. It isn’t, of course. There’s always something to do. It was like a huge, relaxing, deep breath and it felt like there was plenty of space.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at it again and I’ll look forward to having a spacious afternoon happen this naturally soon.


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