Peregrine Falcon Cam

The falcons with their distinctive sound have been active in my area lately. The webcam watching them went up yesterday and I like to check it out several times a day.

For the last nine years they’ve been nesting on a tenth story ledge that mimics the cliffs they use in the wild. Last year all four chicks survived which isn’t always what happens in the heart of downtown. Learning to fly is a challenge as there are buildings and electrical wires to crash into. While the young birds are learning to hunt, the rest of the bird population, whose songs I so enjoy now, get wiped out in the area around me.

It’s rewarding to have a bit of the wild in this area and these odd-looking birds have a lot of fans around here. The sound for the webcam will be up soon (a lot of sirens will be heard) and it requires a plug-in easily downloaded. I’ll remind you all of it when the first egg is laid.