My Reusable Grocery Bags

Lately my sources for health information online have mentioned the importance of laundering the reusable grocery bags, something I haven’t given much thought to until lately.

The canvas bags I use have care labels that say hand wash in cold water. It might be for the logos on them, which doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve had them for quite awhile and they were pricey when I bought them being organic cotton, fair trade labor and to support the co-op and the farmers market maybe. At the farmers market, produce gets thrown into them directly without plastic bags.

So after reading about the build-up of bacteria and such, I’ve decided to wash mine more often. Cold water seems pointless, so I hand washed them in hot water in the sink like I usually do. I made the mistake of using a bit too much soap and it took quite a bit of rinsing. I began to wonder about the use of all that water and the time it took for me to attend to it. It isn’t enough to make me go back to using plastic bags (when they’re available) but I’ll be more careful next time. From what I’ve read, it does seem they need to be cleaned regularly–an easy thing to procrastinate on.