Radiation E-Mails

The e-mails with offers to deal with radiation have been hitting my inbox the last few days. Taking responsibility for my health, I subscribe to several really good newsletters and the usual sharing of my address goes on. I tend to delete rather than unsubscribe and eventually the ones I don’t read begin going to my spam account.

I guess I can’t really blame a company for wanting to make money. I’m a bit concerned about people making needless choices out of panic and am aware that more harm than good can be done by taking pills needlessly.

It’s my understanding that at this great distance from Japan (and the gulf streams will surely spread this all over the world several times) that it’s important to have enough iodine in the body. I already take in iodine from the sea kelp and other sea vegetables that help me get minerals from food sources. Also, I’m aware that eating large quantities of raw kale, brussel sprouts and cabbages inhibit iodine intake in the body.

Well yuck–large quantities of raw kale, etc.?

It’s kind of dangerous to mess with this stuff when one doesn’t know their individual levels of iodine. And it looks weird to me that people smoke, drive while on their cells and drink pop and don’t get enough sleep and are panicking over some radiation.

My internet protection just popped up saying it’s aware of an upsurge of scammers using the Japan tragedy and to only donate to known trusted organizations. Maybe I’ll just stay offline much of the weekend, send compassionate energy to Japan and take good care of myself.

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