That’s Irish for cheers.

The bagpipes someone is playing in the street sounds much nicer than the sirens that have been sounding all day. Maybe the full moon wreaking havoc?

Walking home today, I saw several firetrucks, a paramedic ambulance and several cop cars in front of an apartment building. Why so many?
One of the incidences today was a power outage downtown caused by a goose. When I lived in Colorado, that would happen occasionally and was usually caused by a squirrel.

When I became healthy enough to clean up my diet more–and yes you need to do it gradually–I wasn’t aware that it would make me more sensitive to other kinds of things I would need to let go of, like junk conversations and junk t.v. shows and junk on the internet. It’s kind of making me edgy. And I mean junk like in junk food.