No Autopilot For Me

Japan has permeated my world and I’m not even reading beyond the headlines. Still considering what I posted yesterday, I can’t imagine living life on autopilot these days.
I’ll write it again. As I move through my day, I consider these things:
Being fully present in the moment as though it were my last day on earth.
Making responsible choices for the future as though I’ll be here for decades more and that my decisions impact the rest of humanity.
And what I didn’t mention yesterday–I believe when this life is over, we still exist and that we participate in a life review. With clear eyes, we review our life from a different perspective. That’s why I check in with my sense of values and integrity even when no other human is watching. When there’s a sense of painful unfairness where I seem to have no power, the life review idea gives me purpose and courage.
Any meaning in life is usually what we bring.
Works for me.