The videos of the new volcanic activity in Hawaii are bringing back memories of my visit to Kilauea. Driving through the area, it was as though we were on a different planet. Seeing the steam coming through the fissures near the road dispelled any temptation to get out of the car and walk around.
I recall it affected my breathing being near the area and it felt like my heart was beating a little too loud. My friend got some berries or flowers, I don’t recall which, for us to give the traditional offering to Pele. The raw power can be felt in the area but I wanted to appear cool around people who live with it all the time.
The experience of the Big Island and Oahu, which are the two islands I’ve been to, seemed quite different than what I expected.
The past few years I’ve enjoyed the streaming video of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival which is coming up soon. It’s something I stay up until two and three in the morning to watch.
I would like to go back someday. It was the flight home from there that was the last straw in my energy level and that is the low point that I’m still bouncing back from.


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