Ridged Nail Mystery

For years I’ve had ridged fingernails (lengthwise, not across) and so have some of my friends. Unlike them, I often wanted to know WHY and looked for answers whenever I thought about it.

Doctors I went to said it was a “deficiency”. Well, yes. Back in the day when I got mani/pedi’s because I thought it was important to having a good life, manicurists answered that they didn’t know but had seen lots of clients with it. Sometimes I’d read that it was a sign of deep infection.

Being quite the researcher of health information, I am now reading a book by Natasha Turner ND. Writing about the importance of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and how important it is for digestion, especially of protein, she states that aging and some diseases diminish it and ridged fingernails are one indication of it.

I’ve been aware that I’d benefit from supplementing HCL but my health endeavors are already high maintenance so I let it go. From reading I’ve learned that it would help me utilize the other supplements I’m taking so I’m going to give it a try. Not for folks who have ulcers, it’s also supposedly noticeable if one doesn’t need it–by a burning sensation. I’ll report back in the future because this is one of a million things I’ve wondered about.

And I’m enjoying my Sunday and hope you are too.