Three Things Noticed

Sometimes I’m like a child, wondering and delighting in things I notice and learn about life. That often doesn’t sit well with other adults but oh, well. This is my blog and here are three things among many I noticed today.

1. Most of the used books I order from Amazon are packaged in padded envelopes or sometimes in manila envelopes with bubble wrap. Today I got a hardback book, about an inch and a half thick that was unusually wrapped. The book was protected by wax paper and around that were layers of newspaper and it was all held together by brown packing tape all over. It was extremely tight and very neatly done. It’s effective reusing of material and I hope that it was done by some machine. It took me at least two minutes to get the package open and for a person to wrap it that effectively, they’d have to be of Olympic skill I think.

2. Awhile back I wrote about an unusually vivid and clear dream I had which is unusual for me now. A little while ago today I was reading a column written by a medical intuitive (Caroline Sutherland) who says that after working with people with food allergens, she noticed that when people detox and clear the allergens, they have clear dreams.

3. Walking home today, I took a different route than usual and walked past an Oriental rug place that had gone out of business. Everything was gone from what I could see looking in the window. On the window in bold, neat white lettering were the words, “Enjoy what you have.”