Perfection Is The Antithesis Of Authenticity

That sounds so true to me and I’m often scanning for things that sound true in the midst of all the spin and bullshit and skewed opinions and misinformation.

That statement was heard by me on the television show White Collar by a character who was making a fake ruby. I was taking a break, resting my body and letting my mind be entertained after getting important things done. The busy work will have to wait until I have more energy.

It’s understandable that I’d feel exhausted considering–and I won’t go into that again. When my energy does come back–more of it and more often, surely I will not waste it on stuff that doesn’t matter.

It looks to me like a lot of people are considering exhaustion as a kind of status symbol of how important and productive they are. Sometimes it sounds like a kind of competition, being played by people who don’t really need to do that. It looks sad to me, just like the Hollywood and fashion folks who want to be really thin and so deprive themselves of food.

It is a good day for me even though I don’t have a lot of energy ( a temporary thing) and I’m not thin. I am way closer to authentic than I am to perfect and I prefer it that way. How about you?