Today I’ve been thinking about entitlement. It began with noticing some of the Charlie Sheen headlines. My cognitive function is still fuzzy but I haven’t taken as many naps today and by doing one thing at a time……and then one more….without thinking too far ahead with expectations, I actually got some important little things accomplished.

Yesterday when I finally logged on late in the day, it seemed like many of my fellow humans had spent the day acting out. It looks to me like entitlement is going to fly even less in the rapidly changing world. It’s something that I’ve struggled with myself. Because of the rough time I’ve had and then all the over-giving and generosity and compassion I’ve shown–it seems only fair that people would appreciate it and return the support. But life doesn’t work that way.

Yes, I know about karma. I also believe that it’s very important that one act on their values and live with integrity and that it makes a big difference. But it doesn’t mean that the world will respect us and make things up to us and give reparation no matter how much we deserve it.

It was very harsh but my life got better when I began to get it that just because of blah, blah, blah I am now entitled to blah, blah, blah just wasn’t happening as it should.

I see that everywhere these days and with everyone of us needing to get on top of our game it seems wise that people step up self responsibility and ease up their dependence on entitlement

One thing I have learned to do is simply quit pouring my attention and energy into the black holes of users and takers. While it’s true that we all have our birthrights because we are here on this planet, we can’t count on the world to give us what we feel we’re entitled to.