Embracing Instead of Running Away

Today was one of those moving-through-molasses kind of days and I was cold also. A day to have the presence of mind to prioritize what’s really important and then rest.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m way better than I was last year. I know after we become aware of new insights, there needs to be an integration time where we let it settle in. And decide how we’re going to make a habit of the changes we decide on as a result.

Sometimes when the world is broadcasting panic-inducing information, it’s tempting to keep reacting and pushing forward until we remember it hasn’t worked so well in the past for most of us.

In my downtime today, not being able to focus on reading, I watched some television on Hulu. A show from several years ago called October Road is available and I watched a couple of episodes. The Dean of a nearby college told the main character, a young man who has written one successful novel that a writer embraces his life, he doesn’t run from it. Interesting. I wonder how true it is.

Of course, embracing our lives instead of running from them could be recommended for anyone.

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