Interesting Times

It turned out to be a lovely day, sunny and relatively warm by late afternoon after an unpromising morning. In February I still appreciate these kinds of days and hopefully in March I won’t feel let down on the days with less pleasant weather.

An old friend from a different time-zone called last night and we talked until 2:30 a.m. my time. There were some belly laughs too, worth missing sleep for.

I’m feeling optimistic even though I noticed an alarming headline about the U.N. predicting 50 million environmental refugees by 2020. Against my better judgement, I read the article. Locally, the cost of many fresh produce items has doubled and sometimes tripled recently because of weather events in the Southwest. Believing that fresh produce has more nutritional value than frozen and canned, I choose that as much as possible. And am really looking forward to the farmer’s market.

We all need to be learning new things and we’re way more courageous than we tend to give ourselves credit for.