A Second Wind

Cinnamon, cayenne pepper, turmeric and pressed garlic cloves. There’s food in the slow cooker that’s cooling as I write this and it smells great.

A lot got accomplished here today and I made up for spending a lot of time outdoors yesterday. It was more than 20 degrees cooler and there was rain, snow and hail. The sun shone too. Every time I’d look out the window, something different was happening. At one point, the sky was really dark.

A lot of what I did was food related. The optimum diet for me takes a lot of work if I want my meals to taste good, and I do. Already I’m feeling better, less stiffness and inflammation. It took several years to get to this point where I could change my diet without going into severe detox. The health thing is the main priority, before other goals at this time.

I almost forgot to blog again. Sometimes I write it in my head and it feels like I’ve done it in real life. Today was easier because I practiced living more shallow, instead of deep. This is the safest I’ve ever been and being deep and intense is unnecessary and wastes energy.


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