Lovely Day

This was the first day comfortable enough weather-wise for going out without a coat. The heat was turned off all day and the windows open a crack.

I was out for four hours, either standing or walking which is way longer than I’m used to. Now, I’m not unreasonably pained–lots of water, some magnesium, rest and a heating pad is what I’m prescribing myself.

Three of the basil seedlings are now in larger pots. They are rather small to be moved but were getting cramped in the shallow container they were germinated in.

My diet will be changed in a month or two and I prepared for that by looking at recipes and also at cookware while I was at the co-op shopping. The healthy skillets online are over $100 if you can buy one separately from a set. I found a $30 one and will wait until I can use a 10% off coupon next week. I simply haven’t been using one except for a cast iron skillet which I dislike cleaning. I’m afraid to use the non-stick, inexpensive ones. I’m pleased with the progress I’m making but am also cautious.

Then I went to the public library for the first time since last autumn and they’d moved the dvd’s around. (I have plenty of unread books at home.) I found four so that will give me a break from hulu. While I’m resting, my mind wants diversions.

I haven’t been doing more than thinking about art lately, so I went to an open workshop to check the work of four young artists. Three of them were there and I got to watch them work for a bit. Most of the paintings were not my style and that’s O.K. I’m middle-aged. They seemed pleased that someone bothered to look at their stuff since it was a Saturday afternoon and most people were doing other things.