It Feels Like A Friday

The days are getting gratifyingly longer now. Fortunately for me, my part of the country is having mild weather. Today I felt like spring is on the way but I remember long, seemingly unending winters. Even dangerous weather.

There’s a package on it’s way from UPS–it was supposed to be delivered today but there were delays it turned out. Since I had a package stolen in December, I stayed in today and did housework. Lots of it. Somehow I breezed through getting things done more like a “normal” person.

Also I had more insights into my next steps and I stopped and wrote them down. The goal experiment I began at the beginning of this year is interesting. I had some clarity about what I wanted and I understood why…somewhat. When I figured out the steps I would take…..well, they didn’t really work. But I don’t think the ideas of how it would work would have come to me if I hadn’t done something. It’s kind of like sputtering and lurching along, but I’ll take it.

There didn’t seem to be any harsh consequences from my little junk food binge yesterday and surprisingly I’m not craving more.

It feels like the weekend is here and that spring is well on its way and I’ll go with that as long as it lasts.


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  1. February 11, 2011 at 7:46 am

    Amen to the weekend fast approaching! Glad your binge had no side effects. I think that as long as we only give in to temptations like that rarely, our bodies are well equipped to deal with them without further effects or cravings!

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