Listening To My Heart and Gut

Everyone at times has discrepancies between what their head says is the right way to go and what their heart and gut asks. My goals were written in my fancy day planner and I could have pushed through today but it seemed like it would be a hollow success.

Once again, I was prompted to relax, that the herbs I’m taking to help my adrenal fatigue are surely doing their work, that the studying and learning I’ve been doing is actually taking hold and things are coalescing. It can’t be seen in the 3D world yet, but I can feel it. Time will tell if it’s procrastination or resistance. Everyone has to decide for themselves but I can’t help but think that if I had a life coach, they’d think it was their job to push me and challenge me. And I’m so relieved right now that isn’t so.

Something tells me that I’ll have more energy and be a lot busier in the months ahead and I can make up for less productivity now. I shouldn’t really need validation but I do check online in blogs and such and some people are proponents of the way I flowed through my day and others are people who would power through. Of course, some of us have no choice. But I did have a choice. When it goes on to long, I believe I’ll have the awareness to correct my course.

Some writing was done, some solutions and some blueprints to how I can go about changing things was kind of downloaded and I’m letting it settle in. There was a new appreciation for the creativity that I did do, like the slow food meals I prepared today. The imperative things were responded to and life was lived well. It may very well look a lot different from what you or others would consider well-lived, but it’s my life.

The more I pay attention to creativity and life, the more fascinated I am about how it is for others who attend their own lives and generously share their process and creativity with the world.


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