Bringing It Into The Real World

While I moved through my day I kept thinking of blog topics. If I’d chosen to stop what I was doing, sit down and write, there could be about ten posts lined up. But I really like writing about what’s on my mind or what I’ve learned each day and I wanted to feel accomplished and productive regarding other things going on.

When I do things like laundry while there are creative thoughts running through my mind, it sometimes feels like I’m just a daydreamer and am not doing enough. Several times I’ve been coached about making “did” lists instead of “to-do” lists. People with ADD (I don’t really accept that label anymore) have difficulty giving ourselves credit for getting as much done as we do. Another suggestion has been to highlight items on a list instead of crossing them off, to accentuate the accomplishments. Also we can write down anything we’ve done that wasn’t on the list. It really helps in a positive self-talk kind of way when I take time to do it.

The thing today though, was writing all these posts in my head and then this evening realizing that I hadn’t actually posted yet. So here I am posting and wishing everyone in the world is warm enough tonight.


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