The sun shone today– it was dry and above freezing again. One of those days that lets me know I can get through the winter and that spring will be here again.

I got the important things done that keep my life running. I made ground turkey chili in the slow cooker. I noticed how easy it was to clean the skillet where I’d browned the meat, something I’d forgotten about ground turkey. Other meats are greasy and harder to clean up after. The transition from how I used to eat when I was working one or two jobs to the gluten-free, organic slow food way I eat now wasn’t easy but so worth it. Sometimes I tend to think of myself as having few skills but further developing my cooking skills seems like a good thing for me to do.

I also did a little sewing on my fabric art project and that was relaxing. It wasn’t frustrating even though some symptom are flaring up. I’m in tune with my body enough to believe it’s my liver that’s struggling a bit now and I have solutions to help that.

After years of not watching television, I like to watch show online now. So much so that I’ve considered using it as a bribe/reward for completing things I don’t feel like doing. Lately, completing things has been it’s own reward though. I just watched 30 Rock and Bones. Bones was especially gruesome–I won’t go into the details. It’s been a good week for me even with some challenges.


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