Not Another Book Right Now

I usually have six or seven books I’m reading and lately the philosophical/self-help ones have all mentioned the work of Martin Seligman. He’s a clinical psychologist with real-world experience in studying and tracking learned optimism among other things. Now, I must admit here that I’m biased against mainstream kinds of information and studies and this isn’t the sort of book I’d trust on its own. But of the three books I’m reading, I trust the authors and they make a compelling case for the ideas in the book.

It’s of interest to me now because the ongoing regaining of my health and how it’s impacted my life can be quite discouraging. Seligman writes of the three P’s—–permanent, pervasive and personal—-which is how people with learned helplessness view setbacks and obstacles. I’ve had the trials like Job in this life so have an interest/skepticism in the subject but no patience for fluffy new-age smarm. It’s amazing what a circus the new age literature has become, not relevant to what many people face in a way that can make sense to them.

Anyway, so this seems like a good book that I should read. Yet, I have piles of books to read and I want to achieve some of my goals, not keeping adding on to them. That’s one thing people with ADD do, add-on repeatedly (some people would call these distractions, but they are actually added to a list) and feel like they aren’t accomplishing anything. There’s also the budget factor. So, what to do? I guess I’ll wait and in the spring see if the library has it. Or just wait six months and see if the urgency to get yet another book wears off.

This came up while I was reading this morning and then by afternoon I felt like I was going to die. Seriously. Detoxing from environmental poisoning can feel awful and part of the process is feeling worse then better over and over. I know this and still resent it. The things I do to take care of my health and then see people eating junk food and bouncing along in high heels hurts. But that’s another post.

This one is about maybe refining my optimism, which apparently can be learned by reading this book, yet waiting awhile and using what I have. I’ve gotten some ideas from what was mentioned in the other books I’m reading. Yes, my life is a big project to me.

This blog is helping me a lot in ways I’ve mentioned before. I have optimism about it even though I log on and see lots of hits and then find they are mostly from spammers. I really wondered if I’d be able to post today but I’m feeling better already.



  1. January 27, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Life is a big project…but it’s all about how one handles the tiny details!

    • silvercannon said,

      January 27, 2011 at 9:28 pm

      So true. The details and the present moment is where the difference can be made. It’s taken me awhile to learn to focus like this.

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