It’s foggy outside and my brain is a little foggy too. I’ll go with it. The weather has seemed different the last two winters to me–more like the Pacific Northwest and less like high desert Northwest.

As for my brain, I’ve had a sore throat the last few days. Something’s going on and I’m doing what I reasonably can.

Yesterday I did business and numbers kinds of things for most of the day. It seemed easier than chopping things up to do a little each day like some people recommend. Most of the time I didn’t really care but with numbers and financial facts I had to kind of pay attention. So I typed and printed farm information for my tax accountant, paid bills and did filing which hadn’t been done for six months. I also took some old records out for shredding later. The messiest was all my debit card receipts. I used to buy groceries with my credit card and sometimes it seemed like there was disapproval for that. It wasn’t like that when I lived in Colorado so much. Maybe it isn’t this place–it’s the change in the economy.

Winco, an employee-owned store where I shop, doesn’t accept credit cards to help keep prices down. I used to use cash there. Now I use my check card and am not so great with keeping track. But I’m getting better.

My bank, credit card company and communications provider spam me all over the place with offers and ways to get me to part with more money. It’s necessary that I have a bank, credit card and communications but the relationship to the companies seem more and more nagging and slimey.

Now that I’ve got the business aspect of my life somewhat caught up, I’m going to do something else today and see how that goes. The day is already half gone and I have about five hours of daylight left. I’ll go for it though.