Caused By The Full Moon?

This year I have stricter budget guidelines and I’ve been doing remarkably well avoiding impulse shopping.

I wanted to cut way down on restaurant eating. Even with loads of money, it wouldn’t be good for me to dine out what with the gluten/dairy/nightshade, etc. thing. Not once have I gone to a restaurant and I’ve stayed really close to my grocery plan.

Books? I have plenty of unread books in stacks but I did buy three more from Amazon this week. Not impulsively–I thought about it and I really, really wanted them.

The area where I got a little out-of-control and had a great time was in the local office supply store, believe it or not. I ran out of printer paper and wandered around the big store looking at all the cool things I didn’t know they had. It felt like the first day of school was just around the corner, in a good way.

The spiral-top, yellow legal notebooks I like to write morning pages in were on sale. My most exciting find was canvas that photos or artwork can be printed on. I love playing with stuff like that. Now I have weird little craft projects in mind and I’m so happy.


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