The King’s Speech On A Saturday Afternoon

It rained a lot all Friday night and it stayed misty all day Saturday. The air was fresher and there was a dampness everywhere. It was the first hint of spring eventually returning.
I went to see the King’s Speech at my favorite independent art house theater. It’s one where you can order drinks and good food and eat at small tables indoors or out, or take your food into the viewing rooms.
Colin Firth is one of my favorites–I thought he was great in A Single Man last year, although I didn’t care for the ending of the film at that time.
The King’s Speech is visually beautiful. The surprising thing is that it consistently held my attention, a rare thing for me. Even with films I really like, I usually find myself drifting away momentarily. Another surprise is the humor in in it. It drew deeper laughter from me and the rest of the audience often. Colin Firth was amazing in portraying the struggle, frustration and pain the character experienced and yet it wasn’t too awful. Or too bloody awful. The persistence and endurance the displayed was inspiring and touching. There was nothing that bothered me about having watched it.
Yesterday was one of those respite kind of days.

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