Sunday Afternoon

I have postaday2011 as one of my tags because I show up here everyday not because I’m doing the prompts. I don’t even look at them. Maybe I’m a bit too much of a contrarian and don’t want suggestions from WordPress. I guess it’s nice the prompts are there if ever I can’t think of anything to write about.
I’ve had a unique time-frame bother. The fact that unexpected and disappointing events happened during the first two weeks in 2010 and that I became discouraged then was nagging around the edges of my awareness. I recall thinking that 1/24th of the year was gone and 2010 sucked. It felt real and personal at the time.
So this coming week is an important one for me to psych myself into feeling accomplished and all that. This afternoon I took care in planning with that in mind and also the fact that for several days this past week I could not stand up straight. Compromise. At least I’m in a good mood.
I did some research on the adrenal exhaustion thing since I won’t be going to my chiropractor. Although I really, really like the acupuncture. I’ve read a lot about this kind of burn-out before but I wanted a refresher.
I was reminded that red meat is hard on the adrenals. So I plan on eating chicken and fish and less of it. I put some Teecino Herbal Coffee in with the regular good stuff to cut down on caffeine. I’m playing more soothing music instead of thumping bass music. One of the symptoms is getting really jumpy and startled with the noises and physical vibrations around me. I get irritable and anxious but I don’t notice it escalating because I’m powering through with the positive thoughts and determination and will-power that we’re all supposed to have.
Good stress is stress and hard on the body too when it’s weakened. Watching intense dramas in film is draining. It may be hard to believe but when I’m running on fumes I can feel every little suck of my energy from things that don’t seem to bother other people at all.
Making those adjustments, I rest a lot too. As is good for me. I have considerable pain and I take breaks and lay on the far-infrared heating pad for 1 1/2 hours and have a Mozart CD that lasts just that amount of time. Not exactly the way I planned to be living now but there it is.
I have been able to take walks to get a few groceries the last three days. The fresh (relatively) air felt good, I got a little sun and enjoyed being greeted by some of the mutts that are my neighbors.
Most of my creativity has been going into meals. Right now I have lentils in the slow cooker. The recipe came from Stephanie O’Dea’s new slow cooker book. They are all gluten free and she has categories like “less than seven dollars” like the meal I’m making.
It has apple cider vinegar in it and half a teaspoon of sugar among other things. That’s something I’d never think of–I’d just dump lentils in and salt and a few spices and wonder why it didn’t taste so good.
I also changed something else in adjusting my plans for the week—doing things less often in longer blocks of time. I’ve still been writing everyday but other things take me a sluggish, creaking gear-shifting effort to get into and then I get all trance-like and don’t want to move out of it onto the next thing. It’s weird–stressful things are not happening to me but my body is really stressed. No, I’m not crazy.
As for the housekeeping part of my goals—letting many of those go for this week.


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