We all know that what’s on television does not resemble real life. I don’t own a television but occasionally I’ll get drawn into shows on Hulu. Last night I watched two episodes of Castle, which I’d never seen before.
After reading blogs by writers here lately and about the hard work it involves and such, I took note that one of the main characters is a writer of crime novels. And apparently very, very successful.
The set that is his “home” is very rich and modern looking. Castle never seemed overwhelmed and angst-ridden by writer’s blocks and dilemmas. He wrote a novel over the summer and is going to go on a book tour. Then he saved an old historic bar called The Old Haunt by buying it. With cash.
Anyway, I guess people who are that wealthy have housekeepers and assistants to help take care of their stuff. Taking on new objects is not just about the upfront cost, there’s the time, energy, space and upkeep involved. Lately it seems that most things aren’t worth it to me.
Ideally, I prefer to have quality, artisan-made stuff with an element of good stewardship on my part. Then there are environmental factors regarding all the stuff consumers collect.
When I left home at seventeen and went to college I barely had anything. It was the same for my friends. Most student apartments were furnished and it was really easy to move every six months. Sure there were things I wanted but I don’t recall feeling deprived.
Three and a half years ago I went into major redecorating mode after years of not much change although I moved quite often. It was fun and I did a great job. I’m glad I did it in the little window of opportunity I had because now I am certainly not in the mood to do the research and make those kinds of decisions.
In some ways it almost seems “incorrect” to be too enthused about acquiring stuff when so many people are having a rough time that aren’t used to it. At least for me it is, I’m rather tolerant of other people being where they’re at on their journey (as long as I don’t have to listen to them too much).
Anyway, watching Castle was diverting and not bad story-telling but I doubt if that’s the typical lifestyle of a writer.


  1. January 5, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Haha…watching that show led no where. Now your back to story telling. Classic. This happened to me last night. Except my cousin was watching that dreadful- 2 n half men.

    • silvercannon said,

      January 5, 2011 at 12:56 pm

      Hmmmm……yes, I tend to be subjective and may not have noticed the show otherwise if I’d been in a different sort of mood and if I hadn’t read writer’s blogs lately.
      Also, I haven’t been feeling so great and am disinterested in my stuff but know better than to follow the suggestion of declutter experts and throw everything out that I’m not enchanted with right now. The post came out of that and that’s how my mind works, much to the bafflement of those who sometimes listen to me.
      I’ve never seen Two and a half Men. I tend not to find “comedies” very funny. Except for The Big Bang Theory.
      Thanks for stopping by. I took a quick glance at your page and noticed that you’ve written an e-book. Cool!

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