The Menace Near the Threshold

Menace or temptation, not significant enough to be called a Guardian, one often looms up at the beginning of an endeavor. Just as by setting an intention, the subconscious, synchronicity and mysterious particles of the universe come together to support a conscious goal, something else rises up in opposition to it. Just like in a good story.
There was a friend in college who would periodically plan to diet. Her mother had an uncanny ability to always send a care package with home made cookies and other treats for arrival the day before the diet was to begin. This was back when it was O.K. to send home baked goods through the mail.
Often when I would work out a budget for myself, something I’d been wanting for quite awhile would suddenly go on sale. What to do?
We’ve seen videos of wedding ceremony mishaps and such.
It used to upset me and I’d take it personally–the universe was against me and my chosen goal. On my last birthday, a pleasant day was planned and then my two year old wireless modem suddenly died in the morning when I first logged on. Why then? Why not a week earlier or a week later?
So to be in more balance, I’m giving up my subjective, go-with-the-flow ways for a year to see how it works in my life. I’ve been doing well with my to-do lists. Then this morning, this thing that sometimes happens to my back, happened.
I’m proud of myself for not letting it be a big deal. It’s happened enough that I’m not afraid and I’m not getting distraught about it. (Which I used to do when it would happen the day before I’d planned to fly to another city.)
My life is such now that no one else is depending on me to show up. Being a trustworthy, responsible and dependable person is important to me and I’d think differently about this if I was letting someone down.
As it is, it’s really not throwing much of a wrench into my life and certainly isn’t going to ruin my whole year. That might sound ridiculous that it would, but you didn’t know me as a young, highly-strung drama girl.
What I’ve found to be useful in situations like this is to do what I can on an action level–I have a great far infrared heating pad that I’ve used today–and then just do my best.
I won’t be doing the muscle alignment stretches again until it is safe to do so–that’s a major goal for this year.
The other physical things on my list can wait too. What works is paying close attention, self-honesty and self-authority in deciding how to handle goal compromises. I did some reading and studying. And writing. I showed up here, didn’t I?


1 Comment

  1. timkeen40 said,

    January 2, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    I didn’t pen the phrase – Bob Segar did. They are called Little Victories. Start slow and increase a little at a time until you achieve.

    Oh, I know it is easier said than done, but I know you will achieve you goals.

    I won’t even say good luck. I will just wait to say congratulations this time next year.


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