My Mind as a Room

the decor of my mind

Blogging is enjoyable and I look forward to writing here. Never having been a one-track person, it’s been suggested that I consider my projects like a row of peas on a table and visualize that as I move one pea three inches forward and then another one inch forward, I am indeed accomplishing something and eventually will have completed things.  Later when I would occasionally see Chinese Checker boards with semi-precious stones for marbles, I chose that visual over the peas-on-a-table one.  Some people have told me that I’m what Barbara Sher calls a Scanner and I’ve been told in accusing tones that I have adult ADD.

What matters is that I have a way to function well in the world and unless a person is supporting me, their opinions and labels aren’t important.

Trying to keep my home organized, I understand that I’m someone who generates piles of stuff around me. Piles of books, piles of craft supplies and such.  The stuff of my life gets congregated into little stacked piles. 

Coming from a line of hoarders on both sides of my family, I’ve struggled with clutter and have read Feng Shui and home organizing books.  It may be a coincidence but I’ve noticed a correlation between people who hoarded and lived in clutter and then suffered from cancer.  Some of the alternative health books mention that one’s home environment is important and indicative of one’s health. As in “if you want to have an idea what your liver is like, check out the condition of your living room.”

That may or may not be true. I tend to be someone who wants the “big box of crayons” around. So what if I haven’t used something for over a year? I like to have plenty of opportunities surrounding me to divert and amuse myself depending on my mood or how I’m functioning.  When I was shut-in with weakened health for several years I was appreciative of the books, movies and such that I had around here. The pretty vases to look at and the art on the walls.

As for the focus of this blog—it simply can’t be about one or two topics. It’s about the little paths I take in my life. In a flowing way. It’s about the scenic routes I take, not so much the skeleton of my life. And even though I may physically and mentally wobble, Grace can be a perception and a state of being.  


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