Imperfect Practice

My complicated and mysterious illness has flared up today and I’m not at my best. That’s one reason it’s a good thing I’ve already written down my goals for the next year. People with unpredictable and out-of-their-control circumstances in their lives can, of course, be successful and make progress. It’s a dance of flexibility and two of the main requirements for me is really paying attention to signs and how I’m feeling and having a high degree of self-honesty.
So, I’ll be wincing and creaking into the new year without putting a lot of pressure on myself. And because I want to learn and practice more this year does not mean I’m lacking talent and that I’m a failure. Oh, no.
I’m going to participate in the WordPress daily posting because I’ve been finding it easy and I really like to so far. I noticed that many folks don’t post daily and I felt a twinge of self-consciousness about my enthusiasm but I got over that quickly. Now I’m going to nap. I’ll see you next year.