Word Of The Year

Instead of resolutions, I’ve been choosing a word-of-the-year for the last few years and I do believe it’s made a difference. I got the idea from Christine Kane’s blog several years ago and a quick search of this site has shown me that others like the idea also.
I’ve recently mentioned that I’m experimenting with changing my overly subjective, go-with-the-flow ways and worked out some structure and focus and goals for the coming year. After several years of numerous major losses and debilitating pain and chronic fatigue during which my main goal was to stay alive—well, some days it was–I’m finding that my life is indeed looking like I’ll have a future.
After being passive for so long it’s tempting to overreact and really push myself to CONTROL but that isn’t the life I want either. Thus I made a little plan and some habits I want to take up and I’ll pay attention to how it goes.
Back to word-of-the-year, I’ve changed my mind from the one I decided on a little while back–sustainable–and am mentioning it here for anyone keeping track (me) just for the sake of accuracy. The word had just come to me from the ethers or whatever and so I thought it was meant to be. When I looked up the meaning, I didn’t care so much for it. It seemed limiting and like I’d just “been there. done that”.
The word I really, really, really want for 2011 is receive. Yes, that’s been a major imbalance in the way I’ve lived. Giving, not so much receiving. Enough said about that.
When meeting new people and considering friendship I’m going to listen to my gut more. Do they take responsibility or do they blame? Do they practice appreciation or are they complainers? Are they about healing, solutions and uplifting or generally negative all the time? It’s really time for me to turn the corner on this.