Making the Great Creator Laugh

Still working on my plans for the coming year, I’m trying not to get in a sweat about it. I simply don’t know what resources I’ll have to work with. In the recent past I’ve been fooled by stretches of greater stamina only to be disappointed and taken by surprise when overtaken by pain and lethargy.
They say it takes several years for adrenal exhaustion to begin to heal and I guess that’s what’s going on, although it’s complicated. Something is different. It’s one reason why giving up coffee would be best for me. It’s still an uneven situation–although I have more energy I’m attempting not to get too overstimulated. I’m also wanting to let go of resentment that I have to work at this and other people have a more stable and steady biological and psychological way of functioning.
So, I consider myself at my possible best and at my lowest during the next year as I plan.
Years ago a joke going around when one spoke of a five year plan was “if you want to make God laugh, tell of your five year plan”. That’s when five years seemed like years instead of months.

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