Grounding Cycle

We’re expected to be in sync and adapt to the rhythm of the world around us. That’s how society functions. Too bad if our natural cycles are whacked out of kilter by expectations.

There are fascinating stories and examples and tips from creative people about what does and doesn’t work. Many times they don’t work well for empaths. A lot of people aren’t really aware of what it means to be an empath, including many empaths. There is a lot of really wrong and crazy information on the internet about that these days. I hope to correct some of that in the near future.

With the new year soon to be here, I am noticing more hope and excitement than in the previous two or three new years when people were weary of getting psychologically knocked about. I’ve been intellectually stimulated to the point that it physically hurts lately. As my inspiration expands, I’ve wisely learned to balance this with some grounding.

Yesterday I scrubbed the tile floors more like a meditation instead of a get-it-done chore. I attempted to stay in the moment and focus on the sensations and relax and empty my mind. I can’t say that I was even nearly successful but it evened me out to where I became more comfortable.

Today I took more care with preparing my lunch and turned my attention away from the spinning gears in my mind. A vegetarian linguine made with shredded zucchini, chopped Roma tomatoes and avocado mixed with pesto, I prepared it more methodically than I usually tend to do and less absentmindedly. Being absentminded can be dangerous, inconvenient, embarrassing and invites annoyance and rudeness from other people sometimes.

Inspiration and energies from the higher planes help make life worth living but they need to be integrated and brought into the material world in a balanced and contained way somewhat or it can be very painful. That’s true for this creative empath. There’s enough time spent outside the comfort zone–I want to give myself a healthy, caring break.