Wobbling Forward with Goals

While most people seem to be rushing around with last minute holiday activities, I’ve been working my goal muscles. Most of my Christmas business is finished and I’m going with the open window of motivation and focus for adding more structure to my life while it’s present and easier.

You know how sometimes you have the time, energy and inspiration to do something but it might seem to not make sense in a linear way, as though it could just as well be done two weekend from now?  So you wait and two weeks go by and all that extra ooomph for the project is gone and it’s harder and less fun to do, if you even do it at all? 

Yes, there are people who were instilled with the importance of setting goals and they’ve been practicing for years. I’m not one of them and perhaps you aren’t either. Starting with a daily list (yes, I haven’t been using lists for quite awhile, just doing what I had to and felt like doing) I’ve been more productive even though I haven’t achieved everything on the list.

It isn’t about comparing ourselves to others, it’s about getting from where we are to where we decide we want to go. For me, the resistance sometimes feels like moving underwater or I get really sleepy or think that doing the listed thing might be easier tomorrow. You might be the same way or have different kinds of discomfort and resistance.

Having a great attitude is important in life but if I waited until I had a good attitude to do things, I’d get a lot less done. So, I’ve been giving myself some slack and letting it be O.K. to be kind of grumpy or indifferent when I’m alone and working.  Even though intention and the spirit of doing things is important.

Instead of drawing a line through an item when finished, I highlight it with a pink or purple or green marker and that helps me feel better about the whole process. Also, I’m keeping most of my goals secret which goes against what most experts suggest.

This whole structured, balancing objective reality with my usual subjective bias is an experiment for a year anyway. I may not want to live the rest of my life like this.

Today, I was working at home and attempting to stay on track. I needed to get some more groceries and set out at about two to walk to the local co-op. All day I kind of noticed that I should take the time to sit down and eat a meal, but what I actually had was a bowl of Rice Chex and later, a handful of macadamia nuts. It was warmer out than yesterday but felt colder. Suddenly I felt like I was starving and craved a cheeseburger. The jalapeno burger I got at a local tavern was good, but it wasn’t really aligned with my budget, my diet (gluten in the bun) and my schedule. Protein and more oil earlier in the day would have worked better and I knew that.

Not a big deal, I know, but in the future I’ll practice setting it up for a better chance to stay in alignment with what I want to happen.

Whatever the learning curve for me, I’ll give this a whirl for the next year.


  1. alberg137 said,

    December 27, 2010 at 7:45 am

    New Years is one of my favourite holidays for precisely this reason. It’s a great chance to look back on what you’ve accomplished in the year past, and set new goals for the future.
    Here’s hoping you can stay on track with your goals for the next year.

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